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Day 82 (7 June): NeeNee & Alfie go walkies

Sorry to be so late today. This will be a very short post for two reasons:

  1. We just this minute (22:15) got in from a long and hard hill walk in the south of Belgium - our first in three months. I'm not sure who is the more exhausted, hound or human.

  2. At the end of the walk I drank three bottles of chilled organic beer of a certain strength. I find that after a drink the less I write the less I have to cringe over or apologise for the next day.

I will write you a more 'normal' post tomorrow but today I'd just like to share a little of the great outdoors with you.

Not many people know this but the reason the greenery only starts towards the tops of these trees is because the giraffes graze heavily in this part of Belgium. I didn't see any which could mean that their camouflage is excellent or simply that they are nocturnal.

I simply follow Alfie. Clearly Alfie doesn't know how to read a map and even if she did it wouldn't help because she doesn't own any maps. But like most men I

like having somebody else to blame if we get lost. We didn't. She followed the arrows.

If you would be so kind as to excuse me now I will be off to take a lovely hot bath, drink a big mug of tea and stagger up the last hill of the day, the wooden hill which leads to my welcoming bed.

I shower you most liberally with hugs of all hues of hugginess!

That won't make sense in the morning.



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