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Day 89 (14 June): Its Sunday; chill.

Down to earth After yesterday's soul searching I am content to take an easier path today.

Two kind readers, suspecting that my small brain is nearing its limits, have kindly sent me ideas which they thought might inspire a blog post. I am most grateful to you Lino and Peter.

Peter has suggested I could bring the guinea pigs back down to earth by threatening to eat them. The particular recipe he suggests is ‘Picante de Cuy Mentiroso’, which the recipes I have seen translate as ‘Fibbing Guinea Pig’ and which I have translated to Noodle and Loempia as ‘You Lie You Die’. 'Cuy al Palo' or 'Guinea Pig on a Stick' is also a favourite Peruvian street food - a favourite among people, perhaps less loved by rodents. It would seem to require that the piggies run toward a sharpened stick at considerable speed with their mouths open.

Since sharing this information with Noodle and Loempia they have promised to thoroughly clean their cage from top to bottom and now prostrate themselves when I enter the room.

Apparently guinea pigs are considered a delicacy in the Andean regions of Peru. The first recipe I have found for 'Spicy Lying Rodent' requires them to be braised in a sauce of fiery chilies and ground peanuts but instead of using cuy, it uses ‘easier-to-find rabbit’. I assure you sir, there is nothing easier to find than a guinea pig.

There are two of them next to me as I write, desperately sluicing and scouring.

At the end of the recipe the chef writes ‘This is my new favourite way to prepare a rabbit.’

To prepare a rabbit for what? I cannot help thinking it is a bit much to expect anything at all from a fully digested bunny.

Some of you are probably quite shocked at the idea of eating guinea pigs. Some of you might also be uncomfortable replacing them with a cuddly furry bunny. Although, to be truthful, it is bald and considerably less cuddly when it goes into the pot. However, I am pretty sure that most of us would find using chicken acceptable. Yes. Nearly everybody agrees on that - I can see you nodding from here. The guinea pigs are nodding so hard I fear they will finish up brain damaged.

Poor chickens! Is it not odd how selective we are in our sympathies? It is just a shame we are not a bit more selective. If we had refrained from eating the bat burgers we would not be in this mess.

I am sooo smug since I went plant based.

Damn! The piggies heard that and have downed tools.

Up from earth

And now to Lino’s suggestion. Lino sent me a link to the live space walk feed coming from the space station.

Per se it is thoroughly boring. A chap doing a bit of routine vehicle maintenance. No juggling involved; well there wouldn't be would there - juggling works much better with gravity.

I am sure that the 'routine job to be done' mindset is the mindset they must adopt. Because imagine for a moment being out there. You either keep the task front and centre or, surely, you risk being overcome by the experience. Watching it on my computer gave me a sense of vertigo. You can tell yourself one hundred times that it is not possible to fall but there is a sheer expanse of nothingness around you and the earth so clear and sharp 'below', looking as though it is going to suck you down into itself. And then you see the tether holding you to the craft; it looks like it is made of simple white canvas. And you think - I hope that stitching is good. The integrity of the tether is the only thing holding you to the furthest point of man’s domain.

Furthest point for the moment. Having succeeded so completely and perfectly in this mission Mr. Musk has now directed his people to double down on the big one. Getting that colony on Mars. He expects to have one thousand people on Mars by 2030 and is shooting for one million residents by 2050. He envisages that in the not too distant future three giant craft per day will be leaving Earth for Mars. Per day.

I told this to Loempia and Noodle. They looked impressed but haven't yet booked tickets.

A Fathers Day Message

I have received a message from my elder daughter in the U.K. which has done me some good!

Happy fathers day papa,

I want to thank you for all the good moments with you.

To make us fall asleep you read us stories, to make us feel safe you hugged us and looked under our bed and in the cupboards, every morning you used to watch sponge bob with us before dropping us to school, you also used to check if I had chocolate on my face before I entered school, you used to sleep with me until I fell fully asleep and draw animals on my face to make me feel peaceful; you would come with me and hold my hand in the middle of the night so I could pee and not be scared. You used to play chess with me and would not let me win as you wanted to teach me to be a good loser haha. When you were making honey you let us taste it even when you told us not to and pretended you didn’t see us doing the naughty thing. You taught us how to cycle and how to be silly. You pushed us on the swings high into the sky. You made us laugh so much, when mum and you separated we loved your fish fingers, mashed potatoes and boil in the bags. You encouraged me to play games by buying the PlayStation2 and games for the old macintosh. All the videos you filmed of us I’m so grateful you did that, that way we can keep memories forever. Golly I could continue and write a book about all the good moments. I wish I could be there and cook you bacon and eggs with some coffee. Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for all the support you gave me and keep continuing to give me and having my back. I love you to the moon and back infinity times. 💕💕💕

My youngest says she will cook me dinner !

Whether you stay on earth or go to space - have a great Sunday!



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