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Day 95 (20 June) Mac and Marshall


I went into the centre of Brussels today. Don’t worry, I didn’t go in by myself. I was accompanied by a responsible adult. The adult in question wished to buy a new laptop and had decided to buy a Mac. Being as I have always done whatever it is I do with Macs of various hues and forms she asked me to accompany her.

I felt obliged to justify my presence, preferably by asking questions which, charitably speaking, could pass as intelligent. You know the kind of thing, the pseudo technical questions a man feels he has to ask whether our not he can understand the answer.

Neil: Could you please explain the difference between the 1.1GHz dual-core and the 1.1GHz quad-core?

Mac person: The quad core has twice as many cores as the dual core.

Neil: Well, I’m glad we cleared that up! I suppose they are all Apple cores….

(Fifteen seconds before my solitary laughter dried up)

Mac Person: No, they are made by Intel.

Neil: Ah! Screen brightness: I see this model claims to have 400 nits. My kids had far more than 400 nits if my 8 GB of memory serves. Very bright kids. Adopted you see. Nothing to do with me.

Mac Person: silence

I was going to follow up with a question about the 'directional beam forming' as I had a Star Trek quip at the ready. But it clearly wasn’t my day so I shut up and we bought the thing.

I now see we have a model with 'P3 Wide Color'. Were we still in the shop I would have felt obliged to point out that the width of the colour is constrained by the 13” screen.


This morning my first wife sent me the link to Marshall Rosenberg ’s San Francisco workshop on non-violent communication. She was not doing it as a criticism but because she found it genuinely interesting, informative and possibly life changing.

I am about one hour into it with another couple of hours to go. Three hours seemed a long time to dedicate to watching something like this when I first received her message. And then I thought of the amount of time I have spent, mind in neutral, watching complete tosh on Netflix. So even though I have a preference for reading (impatience - I want to get to the hard data fast) I decided to give it a go. It is fascinating. I never realised how loaded much of my speech is. A lot of what I say seems to be an attempt to make other people do as I want!

And being as we never really know what we want until after we get it that does not seem to be an approach which is particularly helpful to either me or those whom I encounter.

I shall watch this video more than once and I shall take notes. I am at a stage in my life where I no longer have to pretend to know anything and consequently I can perhaps now begin learning some important things.

This was short because I now want to get back to Marshal and you are probably occupied drinking a gin and tonic and chilling.

Have a lovely weekend!`



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