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Day 96 (21 June): First walk of the Summer

A very quick one as I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am sweaty, sticky and in need of a hot bath followed by bed.

Its eight thirty in the evening and I just got in from a walk in the Belgian province of Namur. Beautiful weather, picture postcard villages and great walking in wood and pasture - and in good company . All capped off with Belgian cremant wine and snacks on a terrace at the Chateau de Bioul where we were warmly welcomed and coolly refreshed. I suspect I am half way tired from the walk and the other half from the wine.

So no normal blog today - full service to be resumed tomorrow.

I think I shall put the blog to bed on day 101. We are out of confinement per se and I am scared of boring you. I'm scared of boring me.

So here are two pictures from today and I'm off to bathe this sweaty and exhausted body. I don't post pictures of other members of the group as they might not want to be seen by both my readers!

Big hugs!



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